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26th Jul 2013 6:59 pm Summer Signings!


SR are pleased to announce some more new signings. We have recruited 2 ex-cargame racers in Ricardo Costa (Otone) and Litro. Both bring alot of speed and potential.  Otone is from Portugal and Litro is from Latvia.

Otone's comments- My name is Ricardo Costa, been around here since 2011 when I got my S2 License. Played occasionally Demo since 2004.
I'm 24 years old. Born and raised in Cascais, Portugal. I'm doing an automotive mechatronics course.
My favourite music is Braindance and Techno, specially Jeff Mills, Richard David James, Mike Paradinas, Luke Vibert, Squarepusher, etc. I like Portuguese rap music like Allen Halloween.
My favourite TV-Series is HBO OZ. I don'...

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Written by Frank 3 comments

2nd Apr 2013 6:05 pm We're back with a bang!


OK time to update the community with some SR news! Sorry for the long post but it has been a while  Blush - Post on LFS forum

As most of you know, we have been very inactive (especially me) since before our 10th Birthday (October 2012), so first things first, we would like to thank everyone for all their support and friendship over the last 10 years! We have had many people in the team over the time we have been going and it has been great to see them do well in their new teams after leaving us. We hope everyone who left us, left on good terms and with good impressions of the team. We would like to say thanks for being with us :) Also I would personally like to thank everyone who has stayed with us, even with us being inactive lately.

With the demise of 500 servers, we lost our website and game servers, but we have managed to get the site back (thanks to Tongey and KayJay) and have kindly loaned us a serv...

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Written by Turkey 6 comments

10th Mar 2013 12:53 am We're Back!


There are still some minor issues left to resolve with the website, but the forum should be working.  We'll resolve any other issues over time.

We're sorry for the long hiatus, but we're glad to be back.  Thanks for your patience :)


Written by KayJay 8 comments

19th Mar 2012 7:26 pm Sonicrealms Racing - 10 Years


SR are proud to present our new skins for 2012. This is to mark 10 years in Live for Speed, which we will be celebrating in October this year. All skins by Gerdoner, renders by Raptor.

<a class="url" href="" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win"></a>

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Written by Turkey 37 comments

15th Mar 2012 4:24 pm Bert and Miro join SR!


Bert Knops and MiroTuutijarvi have joined SR. Both drivers were previously part of TDRT but have decided to join us after a 2 year chase by Turkey! Bert is 26 years old from Holland. Miro is 23 years old and from Finland.

Welcome to the team guys!

Bert's comments - A bit about my simracing career, I'm an oldtimer really... I was playing Grand Prix from Accolade and Papyrus' Indianapolis 500 before I could read. A few years and racing games later, when an internet connection and sometime later Grand Prix Legends arrived I got really hooked and started racing online and doing competitions. After doing a lot of GPL and later some Nascar 2003 over a total period of over 5 year...

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Written by Turkey 4 comments

7th Jan 2012 3:57 pm MoE 24 Hour Race 2012


Sonicrealms Racing took part in the Special event of Masters of Endurance 24 hour race at Aston GP. The race started on the 7th January at 4pm UK time and finished 24 hours later. Below is a link to Gerdoner's skins for 4 teams he has done.

We started in 3rd place on the grid in GT1 and after a great drive by guest driver Bert Knops, and recently departed SR driver Sascha Riegler, we were still 3rd at the half way point.

Arturs Jonaitis then took over a drove some solid stints with no incidents to leave us 4th. Sascha and Bert would drive some more stints bef...


Written by Turkey 3 comments

29th Nov 2011 11:52 am Boris Mignien on overall points podium in 19th OWRL S2 Season


Usually you don't hear much from the the likes of [SR] bLb or other drivers regularly driving on public servers, but Boris' achievement of getting the 3rd place in the overall standings in the Drivers' Championship is worth mentioning.

The historic forest of Blackwood was the place for the season start. The round would be driven in the normal direction (BL1). However, this would remain the only round of the season where we saw two SR cars lining up on the grid. Both secured 2nd ([SR] Pete) and 4th ([SR] bLb) in the sprint and main race, although it looked like the Englishman could take the victory until he mis-shifted in the penultimate lap of the race and lost the lead after being a...

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Written by Feuerdrache 12 comments

13th Nov 2011 6:34 pm SR with strong season finale in GT2WS 2011


New Dimension Racing and meh Racing organized the first ever non-amateur league that only used the GT2 class. We signed up one car unlike some other teams  (like SAVAGE SimSport or CoRe Racing) who were starting the season with two teams.

For the season start, we were heading to Aston International - one of three Open Configurations used in the calendar. Practise and organizing were handicapped  by the LFS UK Kart Meet which several SR members visited. Hence it were Felix and our Young Brazilian Guilherme Ribeiro taking over responsibility to  represent SR's colours. Due to missing qualification, we had to start from the pit lane. SR was up to 11th position before we suffered a disco...

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Written by Feuerdrache 4 comments