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SR Server Status

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HotLap League 2010
ID Date Racer Donated Fees Fund Status
127th Mar 19:51[SR] KayJay£10.00£0.54£9.46Completed
227th Mar 21:38[SR] Turkey£10.00£0.54£9.46Completed
328th Mar 22:49[SR] Turkey£2.00£0.27£1.73Completed
428th Mar 22:59[SR] Gav£15.00£0.71£14.29Completed
1130th Mar 19:22[SR] Mark£10.00£0.54£9.46Completed
1231st Mar 20:22TRT•2zas£10.00£0.54£9.46Completed
131st Apr 23:04v\A.O'Brien£2.00£0.28£1.72Completed
152nd Apr 20:2602 M.Björndal£10.00£0.54£9.46Completed
163rd Apr 00:28[SR] Velo£10.00£0.59£9.41Completed
173rd Apr 02:01ConeDodger240sx£5.00£0.40£4.60Completed
193rd Apr 07:43sa|pik_d£3.00£0.32£2.68Completed
203rd Apr 10:22R2Râ„¢ Drifters£3.00£0.32£2.68Completed
213rd Apr 13:31[SR] Seb£5.00£0.37£4.63Completed
233rd Apr 23:00[SR] PçòΓ₯£5.00£0.37£4.63Completed
245th Apr 07:29R2Râ„¢テ嘉溝sai£3.00£0.32£2.68Completed
255th Apr 08:45Carpio£3.00£0.32£2.68Completed
265th Apr 13:05[SR] Aragorth£10.00£0.59£9.41Completed
275th Apr 13:08癒繡AzzA£8.00£0.51£7.49Completed
285th Apr 16:41Macker£10.00£0.54£9.46Completed
295th Apr 18:05Cq| Makao£3.00£0.32£2.68Completed
315th Apr 19:31[SR] テ渋deoon£4.00£0.36£3.64Completed
346th Apr 12:59テ戎3テ楚1テ A3rox£3.00£0.32£2.68Completed
356th Apr 14:39テ戎3テ楚1テ Matty£3.00£0.32£2.68Completed
377th Apr 16:03[SR] Keith£5.00£0.37£4.63Completed
388th Apr 18:44dt.M.Runas£2.00£0.28£1.72Completed
ID Date Racer Donated Fees Fund Status
398th Apr 20:25~AR~ Sparkee£3.00£0.32£2.68Completed
409th Apr 11:12Cq| Gargi£4.00£0.36£3.64Completed
4212th Apr 12:43Cq| Dzban£3.00£0.32£2.68Completed
4417th Apr 15:52[SR] bLb£10.00£0.59£9.41Completed
4518th Apr 17:20VRT. K.MacDonald£5.00£0.37£4.63Completed
4620th Apr 08:09n\S.Andrews£2.00£0.27£1.73Completed
4724th Apr 19:47SRS:Mackie£5.00£0.37£4.63Completed
4824th Apr 23:22[SR] agent_k£5.00£0.37£4.63Completed
4925th Apr 13:23[SR] J.Tanko£10.00£0.54£9.46Completed
5028th Apr 00:17[SR] Unipro£5.00£0.37£4.63Completed
5128th Apr 00:18[SR] Nicky£5.00£0.37£4.63Completed
5228th Apr 00:19[SR] A.Jonaitis£5.00£0.37£4.63Completed
5328th Apr 00:22[SR] G.Ribeiro£5.00£0.37£4.63Completed
543rd May 20:42[SR] Sean£2.00£0.27£1.73Completed
553rd May 23:15ineX P.Diaz£7.00£0.47£6.53Completed
5615th May 08:47Cq| Guテ瞬£3.00£0.32£2.68Completed
5716th May 06:52Kamo£2.00£0.28£1.72Completed
5823rd May 21:16[SR] Neil£5.00£0.37£4.63Completed
5924th May 15:00Alain Lang£4.00£0.36£3.64Completed
6024th May 15:00meh.boothy£5.00£0.37£4.63Completed

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